ESSARP On Demand

This programme is an initiative for schools affiliated to the Teachers’ Centre and who are interested in a specific course ESSARP has already delivered or a new topic that hasn’t been offered yet.

Characteristics of the programme

  • Each school will be entitled to one request a year. Schools with more than 1 site can make separate requests as long as those sites are affiliated to the Teachers’ Centre
  • The course requested can be drawn from the Academic Activities menu or the school may ask for a new topic of their interest
  • The course will be advertised within the monthly mailing sent by the ESSARP Centre
  • All interested parties (teachers from schools requesting the programme and general users) will have to register through our website as usual
  • The protocol for  regular courses will apply (percentage of attendance to obtain the respective certificate)
  • The maximum number of attendees per school requesting this programme will be 20 while the remaining schools will keep their usual 5 vacancies
  • Should several schools choose the same course/topic, these will be published within a period of 3 months difference so as not to overlap proposals

How should a school request a course under the ESSARP On Demand programme?

All you need to do is fill this form.

We will attempt to fulfil all requests made.