ESSARP Goes to School – Outreach Programme 2024

The ESSARP Goes to School Programme is an initiative that has now been running for several years and that has, as its main aim, to bring ESSARP courses closer to schools and their staff by holding them at schools, thus reducing travelling time and costs for participants.

Briefly, the central idea can be summarised as follows:

  • Member and Affiliate Schools interested in participating in this programme will make a request for the subject areas, course facilitators or specific courses they would like to host. They will provide the venue for the course and will have 20 vacancies guaranteed per course for their staff (the other vacancies will be allocated to staff members from other schools on a first-come-first-served basis). They will also liase with the ESSARP Centre to facilitate the administration required to organise the course.
  • ESSARP will contact the relevant course facilitator and make all necessary arrangements for the course, including the payment of the facilitator’s honoraria. The course will be advertised to all Member and Affiliate Schools by ESSARP, who will also take enrolment and produce the relevant attendance certificates.

We will attempt to fulfil all requests made and, at the same time guarantee geographic coverage to enable as many people as possible to attend these courses. It is important to note that, to allow the information to reach all those interested, ESSARP always aims to send out course information at least a month in advance of the beginning of the course.

ESSARP’S Responsibilities

Host School’s Responsibilities

  • Contact course Facilitator
  • Payment of course Facilitator’s honoraria
  • Advertise course among Member and Affiliate Schools
  • Enrol course participations
  • Provide attendence certificates for participants
  • Follow-up attendence check
  • Provide photocopies where necessary
  • Provide venue
  • Provide required equipment in good working order
  • Ensure participants sign up for attendence checking purposes
  • Make staff members from other schools welcome
  • Provide light refreshments (coffee, tea, etc) for participants
  • Liaise with Centre for Administration purposes

If your school would like to host one of these ESSARP courses, all you need to do is fill in the form.