ESSARP Centre offers a wide range of teacher training activities to satisfy the needs of the different educational levels, and the different subjects taught at school. The courses, seminars and workshops are given in English or Spanish by teachers specialised in the different fields and by national and international experts.

ESSARP also conducts research activities, publishes papers, gives prizes, awards scholarships, participates in congresses and academic conferences, and organizes different events such as presentations and award ceremonies, etc.

Courses are organised in 3-hour (sometimes 2.5 hour) sessions, and are comprised of 1 to 9 sessions. When there are several sessions, these are generally held bi-monthly or monthly. The sessions can be organised in the morning (9 to 12 AM), early afternoon (2 to 5 PM), or the evening (5.30 to 8.30 PM). ESSARP also organises intensive courses, lasting two or three days.